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Connect with Small Groups

Connect EmphasizedThe Christ-life cannot be lived in isolation.  Spiritual growth includes personal Bible study, corporate worship, and community.  Our goal is to provide opportunities for that sense of community to develop within a small group ministry.

Sunday morning Bible study groups are the heart of our small group ministry.  Groups (classes) are available at both the 9:35 am and 11:00 am Bible study hours on Sunday mornings and are available for men, women, and coed/couple formats.  Classes are also available for Preschoolers, Children, and Youth.  For a current listing of classes, click here.

Discipleship groups offer short-term (6-10 week) studies on a variety of topics from biblical theology and doctrine to marriage and parenting issues.  These groups often form during the fall, winter, and spring, and generally meet on Sunday evenings.  For a list of current ongoing studies, click here.

Women’s and weekday groups meet on a variable schedule.  Current offerings are found here.


adult small group finder

Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, and Wednesday evenings are our most popular times for adult small groups, but we are not limited to those days.  Often there are weekday or weeknight groups that meet for a specific period of time.

Complete the form below, and we will send you a list of suggested classes that most closely meet your needs.  There is also an option to have someone from that group contact you with a personal invitation.