contribute through service

Contribute EmphasizedContribute through Service

Life is not really about “what’s in it for me?”  Jesus himself said “it is more blessed to give than to receive,” and we believe that every Christian should find ways of expressing their faith through service and ministry to others.

That service and ministry may take place within the church or outside the four walls in our community and world.  God gives spiritual gifts and passions to use those gifts; we need to find the right avenue for the expression of our service.

There are classes to teach, mission trips to take, ministries that can use your help, and people who need to be touched in the name of Jesus.  Rather than pore over an exhaustive list of times, place, and activities that you may or may not be interested in, just open your eyes, ears, and heart to that opportunity that God may provide you to serve Him. Our Servant Survey may help you to focus in a specific area.

As you gain an understanding of what your personal service might be, contact an appropriate staff member or other church leader for more information.