“Advent” is a word that simply means “coming.” In many Christian churches, it refers to the second coming of Christ, but it also refers to a season of expectancy in anticipation of the celebration of Christ’s birth that we celebrate at Christmas. During the Advent Season, we focus on the promised Messiah, the Christ. We try to put ourselves in the place of the Jews, who for centuries had awaited the coming of the Promised One of God, who for hundreds of years had had no prophetic voice to reassure them of the Messiah’s coning. We recognize Jesus as that Promised One of God, who became like us in order to bear our sins on the cross of Calvary for our salvation.

So during Advent, we anticipate his coming as a baby and his return as Conquering King.

The candles that are lighted each week represent the Hope of humanity, the Peace that He brings to our world, the Joy of a personal relationship with God, and the everlasting Love of God that sustains us day by day.



1st SundayNovember 29HopeMicah 5:2, 1 Timothy 4:9-10
8:15 amBrad and Shirley Bertlkamp
9:35 amScott and Melanie Cooke
11:00 amKara and Matt Underwood
2nd SundayDecember 6LoveIsaiah 2:4-5 & 9:6, Philippians 4:4-7
8:15 amKent and Marilyn Kramer
9:35 amHarlow Family
11:00 amRoger and Guinn Hahn
3rd SundayDecember 13JoyLuke 2:8-11
8:15 amRenee and Don Morgan
9:35 amDustin and Devyn Bradley
11:00 amMatt and Bridgit Christian
4th SundayDecember 20PeaceJohn 3:16-21
8:15 amRod and Karen O'Neil
9:35 amSteve and Christine Gates
11:00 amMichael and Ginger Appleford